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Behind the scenes on new BBC series Merlin

AP - The Security Council should impose more sanctions on Iran over its stonewalling of a U.N. investigation into allegations that Tehran tried to make nuclear weapons, France said Tuesday.

Aston Villa are in Bulgaria in the first of six Uefa Cup first round ties featuring British clubs on Thursday. Scots political parties unite to demand a clampdown on financial short selling, in the wake of the planned HBOS takeover by Lloyds evening dresses online TSB.

AFP - General Raymond Odierno, the hulking artillery man who takes over Tuesday as the top US commander in Iraq, is a key architect of the surge strategy that appears to have moved Iraq to the brink of peace.

Ministers are to rewrite the law on "suicide websites" to make it clear they are illegal, the government has said.

Technology entrepreneurs gather in Cambridge, with new ideas and hopes to beat the odds in the current economic evening dresses online climate.

BBC News interviews Gordon Moore, the man whose "law" has driven the computer revolution. Israeli PM Ehud Olmert holds talks with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, a day before his party votes on a new leader.

UK bank Barclays says it is in talks to buy the core assets of collapsed US investment bank Lehman Brothers. How the old ways have given way to modernity in the EU

Developers are being urged to unleash their creativity and make the mobile future evening dresses online a reality and bring the world to everyone's phone.

A disabled man injured after crashing a car which he was driving in a bid to set a record is a charity worker. Food experiment provokes global reaction Reuters - There is no such thing as a safe tan, U.S. and British researchers said on Thursday.

The US Congress approves legislation which will lift a 27-year-old moratorium on drilling for oil in US coastal waters. AP - A soldier was evening dresses online detained in Iraq after he allegedly opened fire on a superior and another unit member, killing them both, the Army said Wednesday.

Stars Stiller and Black defend controversial movie As markets suffer a week of bad news and turbulence, have you been affected in any way?

The government has revised its highest projected prison population number for England and Wales in 2015 downwards from 101,900 to 95,800.

An US military court finds a soldier guilty of conspiracy to murder over evening dresses online the 2007 killing of four bound and blindfolded Iraqis. Motion sensors like those developed for video games may help stroke sufferers relearn simple tasks, researchers say.

A disabled man injured after crashing a car which he was driving in a bid to set a record is a charity worker.

Construction of new homes and flats in the US fell to a 17-year low in August, government figures show. A naval helicopter pilot quits his job to fulfill a long-held ambition evening dresses online to make movies. Kenneth Branagh receives rave reviews for Ivanov, the first play in the Donmar Warehouse's year-long West End season.

AP - The new president of the U.N. General Assembly opened its 63rd annual session Tuesday by accusing some of the world body's most powerful members for relying on warfare. YouTube responds to pressure to ban the use of footage of weapons being used for intimidation on its UK website. China's central bank cuts interest rates for the first time evening dresses online in six years amid growing turmoil in global financial markets.

Risking ambush and robbery on Afghan roads

A deadline for unions to accept a rescue takeover of troubled Italian airline Alitalia passes without any announcement being made.

Rescue workers end a search for survivors in a Cairo slum where a landslide killed at least 90 people, but hundreds may remain buried.

Ahmed Rashid on how Pakistan is in a downward spiral

Hamas security forces in the Gaza Strip say at evening dresses online least 11 people died in a gun battle with members of a powerful local clan.

The DUP's Arlene Foster is declared the winner of the Enniskillen council by-election on the second round of transfers.

The roles of high sheriff and lord lieutenant are dominated by the wealthy, says a group of MPs.

The number of healthy babies lost as a result of Down's syndrome testing is "unjustifiable", a charity has claimed.

An inquiry into the removal of body tissue from Sellafield evening dresses online workers can examine medical records of dead patients, a judge rules.

Silicon Valley's capital aims to be the epicentre of clean technology as it clinches a deal with electric car maker Tesla Motors. Politico - Whipsawed by the government’s on-again, off-again intervention in the nation’s financial crisis, House Minority Whip Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) said Wednesday that congressional Republicans “don’t feel like they understand the coherent strategy” of the Bush administration — “if there is one.” Why Tamil rebel HQ is evening dresses online under serious threat from troops

Artist Warren Baldwin wins the 2008 Jerwood Drawing Prize for his pencil and charcoal on paper drawing, Study for Portrait.

Tzipi Livni begins putting together a new government after being elected leader of Israel's ruling Kadima party. The UK government wants EU nations to be allowed to trade 50% of their target CO2 cuts, a leaked document reveals. AP - Rep. Don Young, a 35-year veteran of the U.S. House and currently under federal investigation, narrowly evening dresses online won the Republican primary battle Wednesday to keep his seat, Alaska's only one in the House of Representatives. AP - A soldier was detained in Iraq after he allegedly opened fire on a superior and another unit member, killing them both, the Army said Wednesday. The "average" salary is ?24,000, but most people earn less. Most people have an "above average" number of feet. In his fourth lesson of a weekly series, author Michael Blastland cracks the myth of the average. evening dresses online

Nearly half a million people in developing countries earn virtual goods in online games to sell to players, a study shows.

The 'couch potato' image of computer gamers is unfounded, with many in better than average shape, claim US researchers.

Ray Wilkins is appointed Chelsea's assistant first-team coach, replacing Steve Clarke, who has moved to West Ham. AP - A U.S. soldier pleaded guilty to conspiracy to murder and was sentenced to seven months in prison Thursday in the deaths of evening dresses online four Iraqis, saying he stood guard from a machine-gun turret while the bound and blindfolded prisoners were shot.

Sea ice in the Arctic appears to have passed its minimum extent, scientists say, without breaking last year's record.

An expert says seas were too rough on the day a coasteering novice died, an inquest is told. Reuters - The House of Representatives could vote next week on energy legislation that would open nearly all of the U.S. coastline to offshore drilling evening dresses online while repealing some tax breaks for oil companies, Democratic leaders said on Thursday.

AP - A disgruntled worker at a Boeing plant said he cut electrical wires on a $24 million Chinook military helicopter because he was upset about a job transfer.

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